ConversioBot Review


Are you looking for a ConversioBot review? Is ConversioBot a scam? This review is going to answer all of your questions about ConversioBot.

You can improve your business in many ways, and one of them might be through chatbots. The market is full of chatbots, but are they really effective?

Chatbots are a great way to increase leads and conversions for businesses as well as bring conversational marketing to a whole new level.

ConversioBot is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to respond to every customer who visits your website, sends an email, or even uses your application. There is no need to possess any technical knowledge in order to use ConversioBot.

ConversioBot works in a very simple way, and you only need to copy and paste one line of code on your website to have it perform the required action.

What is Conversiobot about, and what does it include?

Product NameWebsiteSpecial OfferOverall RankConversioBot Scam or LegitWho is it For
ConversioBotCheck Official Website hereGet A Special Offer Here4.7/5Not a scamNewbie to Expert in creating ChatBots For Websites

What Is A Chat Bot?

Chatbots are artificial intelligence-based computer programs that simulate human conversations. Bots are digital assistants that understand human capabilities through interpreting, processing user requests, and offering prompt relevant answers. Chatbots can communicate through tests and voice. Besides completing 60-90% of the average human team's workload, they engage with your visitors enjoyably and interactively.

What is Conversiobot?

Conversiobot is an AI chatbot designed to help website owners convert their leads into subscribers and sales. The affiliate bot was created by two successful and popular internet entrepreneurs, Simon Wood and Imran S. The conversiobot cloud-based software can be installed on your site with a plugin or code. It works by helping you to increase your conversions while enabling you to create a proper script by creating chatbots in minutes, either by allowing you to create your own through the simple "drag and drop" interface or fully customizable "done-for-you" chatbots.

Using Conversiobot, you can easily install your chatbot onto your website by uploading the plugin into your WordPress dashboard. Afterwards, you can install a single line of code. Conversiobot has two various offers. You can get the Conversiobot Lite offer and the Conversiobot Pro offer. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

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What Problems Can Conversiobot Solve?

A competition from other coding businesses is one of the biggest issues that the product can resolve. First of all, it is user-friendly, and the price is significantly less than those of many competitors on the market. Because even novices can use it with little training and experience, it is very user-friendly and simple to understand.

Additionally advantageous is Conversiobot's ability to dramatically increase website revenue. The fact that conversiobot works for a variety of companies is another issue it solves. It is not limited to a particular industry while excluding others. It functions for a number of internet businesses.

The merchandise also aids in addressing the issues of customer loyalty and competition. This company has faced competition over the years because of the current increase in website access.

Some websites have been unable to completely realize their potential as a result, and the majority have struggled to achieve success. The Conversiobot has nevertheless given its users a competitive edge, and those companies that have adopted it have ruled the market.

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Who are the creators of Conversiobot, and why should we trust them?

Simon Wood

Simon Wood had a typical 9 to 5 job in advertising before he was fired. In his desperation to find a method to earn some extra cash, he stumbled upon affiliate marketing. He accepted a position overseeing one of the affiliate businesses' clients in order to supplement his meager passive income. Only 2.8% of affiliate marketers, he found, were responsible for 99.2% of all purchases. He began looking into AI bots for affiliate marketing as a consequence. He later created ConversioBot in 2016.

Giri Prakesh

Simon Wood keeps tight company with Giri Prakesh. Simon asked him for guidance on creating an artificial intelligence bot due to his vast technological knowledge. Simon was unable to carry out his plan because Giri's estimate for the required labor was more than $9,000. They collaborated to create ConversioBot by combining Simon's business expertise with Giri's technical expertise.

The customer reviews are evidence that the product's cost can elevate small businesses to a completely new level. Because it doesn't require website maintenance, the merchandise is dependable. It is also simple to use because most websites can use it without any instruction. The designers of this product aimed to develop a comprehensive and well-equipped platform that improves the platform's usability and effectiveness.

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Who Is The Product Intended For?

Conversiobot can be used in a variety of online businesses, as was already stated. This includes people who run blogs, sell products, use social media, or work as contractors, among others.

This implies that anyone with an online shop who wants their consumers to engage with the product is welcome to try it out. This service can be used to the benefit of big web retailers like Alibaba and Jumia. They will be able to slightly increase their sales as a result, and the webmaster will also be able to avoid stiff rivalry.

It is very effective for small as well as big and established businesses because it can be used by anyone, even beginners. Conversiobot also makes sure that it enables simple interaction with other platforms, like email marketing software and CRM systems, enhancing its adaptability and utility for companies of all sizes.

Conversiobot is a useful tool for anyone seeking to advance their online business because its developers, Imran and Simon, have created a dependable, inexpensive, and user-friendly product that can aid companies in boosting sales and customer engagement.

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Pros of ConversioBot

  1. Increasing leads, bookings, and sales

A chatbot is crucial because the more your users engage with it, the more likely it is that they will make a transaction. ConversioBot analyzes each and every idea the visitor has while making every effort to convert, sell, or schedule the good or service. It functions incredibly well and is very helpful.

  1. Performs better than any webform

You can easily acquire client information, such as name, email, and phone number, using the ConversioBot templates. This information can then be used to send these visitors amazing offers after being stored in funnels. With this tool, obtaining customer information is made simple by the availability of a number of templates that address various market segments.

  1. Provide 24/7 customer service

While you strictly cannot, the ConversioBot can respond to customers all day long! If you have visitors from different nations or if anyone is having problems at night, you can maintain customer happiness throughout the day with the aid of this tool.

  1. Reduce the cost of traffic

Now that the visitors are going to convert so well, your return on investment will be considerably higher. Instead of spending money on traffic right now, concentrate on providing answers to site visitors' queries to encourage them to make a purchase.

  1. Easy to use

It has a three-step working process, which is the simplest ever. Below are the three steps:

Step 1: Start by using one of their chatbot templates, which can also be customized. A simple drag-and-drop tool allows you to build your own chatbot.

Step 2:

The second step is to copy the template’s code.

Step 3: To activate the chatbot, paste the code into the website. The training area has a video explaining the process in detail.

  1. Can Connect To Over 1500+ Apps

You can simply connect to any program you want without needing to know any code. ConversioBot is compatible with all of the more than 1500 apps that it can link to. All that is required is the addition of one line of code to apps and websites. It is linked to numerous applications via Zapier, including Google Sheets, Slack, and Facebook Pages.

  1. Can Translate Multiple Languages

The ConversioBot software makes translating incredibly simple. There are numerous methods to make this work in every language imaginable, including Hindi, Spanish, and English. It acknowledges that not everyone speaks English.

  1. Provides Lots of templates across a variety of niches

This chatbot includes a number of themes that can also be modified to meet your unique requirements. Use their chatbot designs to generate more leads and improve conversion rates. You can choose the template on ConversioBot that best suits your company's requirements from among all of these ones. The following are a few of the relevant niches:

  • Get More Sales
  • Get More Leads
  • Agency
  • Automotive
  • Cleaning Services
  • Design
  • Education
  • Events and Conferences
  • And Many more
  1. Has a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee

Does the tool not function for you or are you unhappy with it? You always have a 30-day money-back assurance at your disposal. ConversioBot cares about its clients' satisfaction.

  1. Has Served Thousands of Businesses Worldwide

The business serves over 6,977 customers, initiates 12,053 bots, and converts over 12,494,174 bots. These figures demonstrate how fantastic this platform is and the advantages businesses can gain from integrating it into their websites and apps.

  1. Easy to customise

A website or blog owner can simply modify the options in Conversiobot to suit their needs. You just need to point, click, and complete customizing.

Cons of ConversioBot

  1. Cannot Make You Become Rich Quickly

ConversioBot is not intended to be a fast route to financial success. You can use ConversioBot, a chatbot, to boost sales on your website or application. It won't make you instantly wealthy like a magic device might.

  1. Need to renew the license after one year

The tool's authorization is good for 12 months. After that, in order to keep using it, you must reauthorize it. Some users may find it a little annoying to keep track of the license's expiry date.

  1. Limited customization

Although the platform enables some template customization, some users might find the choices to be somewhat constrained. ConversioBot might not be the best choice for you if you're searching for a chatbot that can be highly customized.

  1. Limited number of templates

Although ConversioBot provides a number of templates, you might not find the one you're searching for among them. This might not be the best choice if you're searching for a chatbot that can serve a very specific niche.

  1. Requires some technical knowledge

Even though the platform advertises as being simple to use, installing it on your website will still require some technological expertise.

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Pricing Options for ConversioBot

A basic plan from ConversioBot costs $35 and provides 30,000 automated conversations in addition to limitless manual chatbots. It should be noted, though, that business-related answers require manual input. Ten free designs are also included in the fundamental plan to facilitate the process.

There are two upgrade choices available for those in need of more help: the Auto-builder for $49 and the Done-for-you by a pro for $97. For those who want to avoid manual programming and want the Chatbot to function well without the additional work, these options are perfect.

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Conclusion : ConversioBot Review

ConversioBot is a strong tool for companies looking to boost customer interaction and sales, to sum up. Chatbots like ConversioBot have the potential to revolutionize companies of all sizes by removing the need for manual communication and providing routine answers.

ConversioBot has a number of functions, such as list building for businesses, sales growth, and live customer interaction. Its pricing options are also flexible, offering choices for agency and business permits in addition to a chatbot builder. Even the customization of chatbots to suit particular company requirements is possible with the Pro package.

ConversioBot is a fantastic tool for improving the responsiveness and personalization of your website, which will boost user interaction and sales. ConversioBot is a trustworthy and efficient tool that companies should think about using to advance their online profile.